Foxley Mobile Starters, the easy way to start your bike...(Remember "quality" is the cheapest option)

Foxley Mobile Starters are hand crafted from the finest grade materials and all manufacturing processes including assembly are undertaken in a clean environment to ensure reliability and performance, all Starter frames are gas-brazed using a gas-fluxer to produce welds that not only look good but are very strong and can withstand extreme vibrations similar to motorcycle frames.

When ordering your new Foxley Mobile Starter the finish on the framework can be specified from a stove-enamelled colour to a gorgeous durable nickel-plated finish (for an additional cost of £75.00 plus VAT), the engine panels normally come satin black but can be painted in a colour of your choice for a small extra cost.

The power units used for our Starters are supplied by Subaru and vary from 211cc OHC 7hp version up to the "Big Daddy" 400cc 13.5hp version.  They are then modified by Chris himself to produce the correct power for that application.  Output tests are also carried out on a rolling road dyno to ensure power delivery and reliability.  To view our workshop and dyno click on "Chris" who is working below.